PTSA Member Bios


If you think that the PTSA is just a small crew of moms who meet now and then to plan fundraisers, you may be in for a big surprise. Maryland PTA is a Huge and Influential Organization with powerful lobbying in both the state legislatures and in Washington DC, advocating on behalf of students and schools.


PTSA meetings serve as venues for discussions about a variety of educational issues. Each month the Principal speaks about a variety of educational issues as well and any pertinent information parents need to know. Each month we also hear from teachers regarding educational information and programs. This is the time to have your voice heard in many areas, parents are encouraged to raise any concerns about such things as homework or propose changes in the school curriculum.


One of the most important assets in a PTSA organization is YOU, without your dedication and commitment to your child’s education none of this would be possible. If you want to help make a difference please join us at our next PTSA meeting, we would love to have you there.


Dana Neill

PTSA President

Dana Neill serves as the Parkville High PTSA President. Dana has volunteered her time with the PTA since her children were in elementary school. She also works for BCPS and sees the benefits of not only working with children one on one, but knows how parent involvement makes a huge difference in their children’s education.  She was even more amazed volunteering in the high school level when she realized how much more students needed their parents involved as they begin to navigate into adulthood. She has three children and a loving and supportive husband. When you meet her you will see her love for all students and works hard to insure they succeed.  Dana often tells people she can’t wait until all of her children graduate so she can move on from the PTSA but secretly she knows she will miss it as she has given so much of her time and dedication not only for her children but to all students.   She is passionate in her message about parents getting involved as these are your children and they are our future. One day they will be all grown up and you will never get this time back.  Dana always welcomes input and is glad to hear from you.

Jennifer Anderson

PTSA Vice-President

Jennifer Anderson is on her third year serving as VP of the PTSA and although her son no longer attends Parkville High she really enjoys working with everyone at Parkville. Jenn plans our Shrimp Feast and assists with other activities because she really likes making a difference in her community. The PTSA make cool things happen for the students as well as the teachers at Parkville High.

Margaret Banks


Margaret Banks is currently on her second year serving as Treasurer. Her son, Tim, graduated in 2015 and is attending McDaniel College. Margaret like Jennifer no longer has a student at Parkville but finds joy in volunteering. Margaret is an animal lover and also is a strong advocate for the SPCA. She believes with parent involvement all students can and will achieve.

Lexa Newman


Lexa has been involved with Parkville High for over 10 years; she is truly a staple to PHS and is loved by many students. She has not only worked for PHS, she is an advocate for all students and continues to volunteer her time and love. Like our other officers, Lexa’s son no longer attends PHS.  He graduated in 2005 and went on to graduate from the United States Naval Academy and is currently a Captain in the USMC.

Her hobbies are cooking, baking, and losing weight. Lexa is Co-Chair of the After Prom Committee where she enjoys sending seniors off with a Great Party. Lexa also manages our email blast, and works with others in order to put on fun fundraisers and involve students in the activities of the PTSA.

Parents of Parkville High


"My name is Deana Lofstad,

I am a mother of a junior at Parkville High School. By night I am a Nurse and by day I am the PTSA Membership Chair. I will be working on new ways to encourage membership. My goal is to bring awareness to the student’s teachers and parents on the importance of joining the PTSA. By participating and being active in the school anyone can make a difference. Looking forward to seeing some new faces to support our school."


"My name is Laurel Thieman.

I have a senior at Parkville High School. My role within the PSTA is the Silent Auction/Donations Coordinator. I have served in this position for the PSTA since my son was a freshman. I have also been an active volunteer for the Athletic Boosters and will representing the committee as their Secretary this year. I find it very rewarding to be able to help out the school and support our students.  I have also REALLY enjoyed working with the people that I have grown to know over the past 3 years and upcoming 4th year. Please join our PSTA and make a difference."


"Hello, my name is Brenda Morehead

I am excited to be serving as your Spirit Wear Coordinator for the PTSA. My youngest son is currently a sophomore and I have a son that graduated in 2014 who is now studying to become a paramedic. I have been on the PTSA board since 2015 and I look forward to serving for the next 3 years. I love being able to support our students in any way that I can."


"My name is Maire McCarthy Bollard.

I'm the PTSA Hospitality Chair and will be coordination senior banners this year. I have a junior at Parkville High School. I'm looking forward to working with everyone to create some special events this year that show our support for the students, staff and families of Parkville High. Please join the PTSA - we can't do it without you!"


"Hello, I am Annalisa Czeczulin.

My son, Alex, is entering ninth grade at Parkville High School. My role within the PTSA is as the Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser Committee Chair, as well as general support. I have served on a PTSA for over twenty years now, holding every Board position at least once. I am currently leaving Parkville Middle School’s Treasurer position, and am excited about joining the Parkville High School PTSA. I have already connected with many wonderful people (some of whom I have had the pleasure of working with previously). I welcome all of you to help me make this fundraiser a success, as I truly believe that we are here for our students , our school, and each other. Please let me know if you would like to help me support the PTSA- I would love to get to know you."